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Question   Beautiful!

Your photos are wonderful, especially of the "kids". My favorite, though, is the wine glass and I would love to have a copy of that one, if it's available.

Love to you, Theo, Swan, Baci, Zorro, and Mei Mei.

-  January 11, 2007

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Question   Wow
Claudia, your pictures are as amazing as you are. I just sat and enjoyed them all. Your pictures just get better and better. You have such an eye for the detail.

-  December 26, 2006

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Question   Beautiful
You are such an inspiration Claudia. Your work speaks volume. Thanks for sharing.

-  December 21, 2006

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Question   Great pictures!
Jayma Brown told me about your website. Very impressive pictures. I'm glad you are actually retired and enjoying yourself. Take good care of yourself...

Kristen Wright

-  December 08, 2006

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Question   The precious world we live in!
What a wonderful hour I have spent looking at your pictures! They should be put in a book for all of us elderly people to enjoy the precious world we live in.
What a gift you have! Blessings to you!

-  November 30, 2006

  Answer Rita Davis is the one that made the previous comments of "The precious world we live in. " She used my e-mail.

-  November 30, 2006

  Answer Extremely helpful atircle, please write more.

- Esther Esther  September 23, 2011

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Question   Cat's Eyes!
Hi Claudia!
The cat's eyes are eye catching! All the photos make one stop & look deeply. It's art that grabs you! You are on my bookmark!

-  November 16, 2006

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Question   I'm Impressed!
All your photographs are great! Especially the seal.

-  October 04, 2006

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Question   Eye Candy for the Soul
I am amazed in how you captured each piece! Liquid Gold is one of my favorites. The movement of the picture felt as if "I" took the picture myself. I didn't realize your hidden talent Claudia. Thank-you for the website as I will visit when I just need to get away.

-  October 03, 2006

  Answer Now that's stbule! Great to hear from you.

- Matei Matei  September 23, 2011

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Question   Never Knew

What a wonderful eye and feel you show in your photos. Are most of your subject around the Bay Area? We never knew your love of photography. How can I get a copy of some of your work, I would love to have as a piece of art.

-  October 02, 2006

  Answer For you, my friend, just tell me which one you would like.

- Claudia/Theo Bodmer  October 02, 2006

  Answer Claudia, sorry its taken me some time to revisit your site, work has me traveling a lot. I would love to buy three of your photos to hand as art in my place. I love Hippo & Hungry, hungry Hippo and Egert Breeding Plumage, I want to frame them as a set with the Egert in the middle. Here is my work # if you feel up to calling 634-3061, And I hope you are indeed feeling better

Rich D

-  November 02, 2006

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Question   Simply Beautiful
As usual, you have made a powerful statement on living properly. "Anything worth doing is worth doing well!"
Thank you for sharing your photographs with us.

-  October 01, 2006

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