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from  Never Knew


What a wonderful eye and feel you show in your photos. Are most of your subject around the Bay Area? We never knew your love of photography. How can I get a copy of some of your work, I would love to have as a piece of art.  Previous Response:
from Claudia/Theo Bodmer
on October 02, 2006
 For you, my friend, just tell me which one you would like.
Claudia Previous Response:
on November 02, 2006
 Claudia, sorry its taken me some time to revisit your site, work has me traveling a lot. I would love to buy three of your photos to hand as art in my place. I love Hippo & Hungry, hungry Hippo and Egert Breeding Plumage, I want to frame them as a set with the Egert in the middle. Here is my work # if you feel up to calling 634-3061, And I hope you are indeed feeling better

Rich D 

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